About Us

About Us

Global Paratransit is proud to introduce ourselves as:

  • A Cooperative of Access transit of LA County
  • Operating since December of 2000
  • Delivering top-notch performance to Access Transit riders
  • Instigators of modern transit solutions
  • Provide curb-to-curb, shared ride assistance service
  • Experts in the safety of paratransit operations
  • A second home for 300 employees
  • Here to assist people in our community

In December of 2000, Global Paratransit Inc. opened its doors to Southern California, to meet the goals other companies made little effort to achieve.  With over 50 years of combined experience and a dream to provide physically unable people in our community the right of their privilege: To travel daily, without the hindrance of their impairment to inconvenience them from complete ting their daily routines.

When an Access Service provider failed to deliver quality services to Access Services riders, GPI took over their operations and within only five months, complaints were dramatically reduced, riderships doubled and the quality of service was above the ASI standard. Refusal of service was virtually non-existent.

At Global Paratransit, our primary focus is to meet the specialized transportation needs of the ADA community in Southern California. The desire to provide our community better public transit functions, is what has prompted the principals of GPI to establish our company. For over a decade, we have practiced the process of a rigid, top quality performance each day.  A process that we have come to expect from our team members, which has allowed us to enhance the quality of our passengers’ lives.

Providing exceptional transportation services, backed by superior performance on safety, dependability, and the proficiency to maintain viable mobility to our passengers, are the core beliefs of our operations.  These beliefs and practices are what that our passengers and county authorities alike, have come to recognize, and ultimately rely upon when deciding on transit services.

Global Paratransit, Inc. is a privately held corporation, organized under the laws of the State of California and is not a subsidiary of any other company.  Global Paratransit has been in business since December 11, 2000, and will continue to lead the way in quality of service, creation of innovative systems, programs and services.