Customer Service

Customer Service

It takes extraordinary people to work in the public transportation industry.  At Global Paratransit, we share the same interests such as medical appointments, work school, friends and other activities that make life worthwhile. We travel the same paths of work patterns, social lifestyles and economic concerns as our riders. The care and consideration for our passengers’ safety and the importance of mobility are the core beliefs that our team operates on.

Our care and concern for each other comes from listening, building strong teams, supporting each other, and recognizing our rider’s goals and opinions. We understand the importance our service brings to the ADA community of Southern California.  In addition, we would also like to increase population awareness of the public transit services that are available to our community and hopefully, build new relationships with other communities and being able to serve their needs.

In our efforts to continually improve our services to our community, we welcome any comments, questions, suggestions or complaints our riders may have. Your opinions are very valuable; please share them with us so we can further be of better service to you.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us so we can be aware of how we can improve our services and  feel free to share your riding experience with so we may share them with others.

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