Our Efforts On Safety

To ensure the redundancy of our constant efforts on safety, we have outfitted our operations with the best technology to increase the performance of our safety measures. Using Digital Dispatch Systems (DDS), one of the leading software in the industry, each GPI vehicle is equipped with a system with a variety of technologically advanced features and benefits that offer our riders:

Technological Feature:

Rider’s Benefit:

Real-time Scheduling Information

For providing real time ride availability.

Integrated Wireless Tracking System

Always knowing the current location of our riders.

Time Increments Tracking Feature

For better informing the ETA’s of your ride.

Route Optimizer

To inform your driver of the best and quickest route.

Immediate Voice Response for Drivers

For better communication of status, schedule or an emergency.

Real-time Capacity Analysis

To always know the current number of riders in each vehicle.

Security Cameras in Each Vehicle

For the constant monitoring of our riders’ safety.

Manual Backup Tracking System

For easy tracking of the vehicle in emergency situations.

These are just a few technological features available on each of Global Paratransit’s vehicles to ensure our passengers safety.  Integrated with our “Code of Safety Practices” which assists our team members in making safety a regular part of their work habits, we take pride in knowing that the efforts we take for your safety, is second to none.

Constant vigilance and determined commitment to achieve the highest status of safety is not only a practice to our managers and team members, but a habit. We take great pride in knowing that each GPI employee makes safe operations their personal responsibility.

To further extend our safety practices, ongoing training, uncompromising safety audits and employee engagement in safety performance updates, preceded by management focus are the actions we dedicate in practicing the highest safety standards for the benefit of our riders.