About Us

Meet Our Team


Reza Nasrollahy - CEO

As a visionary with the desire to provide par excellence paratransit services to the community, Reza Nasrollahy established Global Paratransit in 2000. Under the guidance of his strategic leadership and practicing core values of safety and efficient mobility, he has enabled GPI to establish long-term goals of improving the quality of paratransit services. For the past decade, Reza has enforced GPI’s organizational policies that have given new meaning to the effectiveness and efficiency of paratransit services.


Sam Grinberg - Controller

With broad experience in financial control and a visionary forecast, Sam Grinberg directs the financial activities of the organization, and has the overall responsibility of GPI’s of financial forecast and business activity. With extensive transportation knowledge and experience, Sam has raised Global Paratransit’s financial position in areas of income, earnings and has harnessed the demanding challenge of cost efficiency in our operations.


Luis Garcia - General Manager

With a career starting as a vehicle operator, Luis Garcia has direct experience with the various levels of transportation operations. After 18 years of professional growth, he now oversees the daily operations through a team of managers. Pooling a diversity of experience from local dial-a-ride to county-wide paratransit service, his knowledge provides an ideal foundation to administer safe, efficient, and dependable service to our customers. Luis received the American Public Transportation Association Scholarship for 2006 & 2007, graduated from the ENO Transit Mid-Manager Program, and attained a degree in Business Management.


Lina Greenberg - Human Resources Manager

As the Manager of Human Resources with extensive experience, Lina oversees recruitment, training and labour relations, benefits and compensation while constantly focusing on the improvement of GPI’s effectiveness and efficiency process. She also maintains the responsibility of our company policy regarding equal employment opportunities. Her strength in recruiting high quality team members has heightened the ability of Global Paratransit to fully and effectively operate under the core values our organization was built on.


Darian Harris - Driver Operations Manager

Darian Harris brings with him a wide range of knowledge and experience on the management of public and private transit safety. He is accredited for enhancing Global Paratransit’s safety operations for our riders and employees alike. Eliminating or controlling conditions that may result from human error or equipment operations are part of the daily duties he completes without fail. Darian’s ability in understanding safety-related elements has resulted in the constant integration and improvement of our safety oriented environment.


Luis Preciado – Risk Manager

Luis governs all areas within Safety and Risk Management. He is engaged daily ensuring that the various departments adhere to our developed Safety Culture. This encompasses operations, training, and accident/incident prevention. Luis is well-versed in Risk Management, showcasing experience within both Paratransit, Taxi, and other transit operations. He also carries a well-developed background within the realm of insurance and OSHA compliance.


Manuel Devora - Maintence Fleet Manager

As the Maintenance Fleet Manager, Manuel brings diverse and impressive skills and credentials to Global Paratransit. His key responsibilities include the overall workflow maintenance of our fleet, conducting scheduled preventative maintenance, equipment repairs during vehicle service and any mechanical troubleshooting necessary for continued reliable and smooth operations. His comprehensive knowledge allows the management of GPI’s mechanical operations to meet and rise above the ASILA standards.


Victor Garate - Customer Service Manager

Professional and diligent, Victor enhances the GPI team with executive experience in the transportation industry. Victor is an exceptional leader and currently directs our outreach activities with customers, clients, stakeholders, and agency officials. He is qualified and educated in the field bringing more than 10 years of experience in Marketing, Operations Management and Customer Relations. Victor is the ideal candidate to identify any potential service issues and problem-solve through any concerns.


Karina Abrica - Project Manager

Karina Abrica started her career with Global Paratransit in 2007. With experience within the call center, dispatch, and customer service, Karina carries a broad understanding of the operation and uses the experience in her role of Project Management. She was awarded the Access Services Joe King Scholarship in 2015. This scholarship presented the opportunity for advanced training within management and community relations. She carries the commitment of ensuring all customers are provided the safest, most efficient service possible.


Georgina Caldera - Call Center Manager

Working in the transportation industry for over seven years, Georgina began her career as a dispatcher and expanded into management and leadership roles. Her current position as Global Paratransit’s Call Center Manager provides Georgina the opportunity to oversee 65 plus employees and pursue the goal of developing and implementing high-quality customer service. As with most operations, the call center serves as the customer’s connection to the operation. Georgina and staff play a vital role as the first point of contact for service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Regina McCray - Customer Resolution Manager

Regina McCray has over 30 years of customer service experience in various fields. Hired by Global Paratransit in 2010, Regina started as a driver, transitioning to call-taker, call center supervisor, and her current role as Global Paratransit’s Resolutions Manager. Her commitment to providing good service is one of the most important things that sets her apart; she is fully committed to resolving any problems clients may experience while using our services.


Joy Hooks - Employee Relations / Drug and Alcohol Program Manager

Joy has over ten years of experience with GPI, with an extensive background in operations including customer service and resolutions. The communication skills she has gained, coupled with a dynamic and encouraging outlook, allow employees to feel comfortable and increase overall productivity. Joy has been certified by the Transportation and Safety Institute in Substance Abuse Management and Program Compliance/Reasonable Suspicion and Post-Accident Determination. She is dedicated to ensuring Global Paratransit remains in compliance with all federal regulations and maintains its focus on prevention and resolution of complex employee relations issues.