At the heart of providing curb-to-curb, shared ride assistance to the people in our community, there is no larger concern than the value of safety.   At Global Paratransit, our highest priority is the safety of our riders.  The strict implementation of safety principles and procedures are planted in not just written procedures, but practiced constantly in our day to day operations.  Our ongoing Safety Procedures include:

  • The close monitoring and Analysis of all incidents in our system.
  • Weekly Safety Management Meeting to review the history of risk management incidents.
  • Monthly Safety Staff Meetings to review all safety related information and minimize Risk Management incidents.
  • The study of incident trends to monitor areas that need further development of Safety Policies & Procedures.

To rise above the standard of safety, each GPI employee is ingrained with a conscious thought that our riders’ safety is based on their ability to fully integrate our core beliefs, business practices, and decisions on a daily basis. 

Besides the effort on educating and implementing our safety procedure to our employees, Global Paratransit explores other avenues to further escalate the safety of our riders.  Merging an educated staff and the most modern of technologies available in the transit business has allowed Global Paratransit to rise above the usual standard in the paratransit industry.

Please feel free to review the information on our Efforts and Values, to further appreciate the undertakings and accomplishments that we have for our client’s safety.