Our Values On Safety

Each Global Paratransit team member undergoes our Employee Safety program, a meticulous process which consists of ongoing training that we fully integrated in our daily practices.  All GPI employees undergo a safety training seminar that teaches the established policies and procedures of Access Services.  To highlight this policy, we have devised Safety Campaigns to consistently keep in mind, and practice our safety policy and procedures.  Parts of this program include:

Employee Incentive Program:

A program promoted to record and rewards our drivers on safety-related performances. This program focuses mainly on honoring our drivers that reach a certain number of miles without a preventable accident.

Drivers Safety Case:

A program to assist our drivers in responding to incidents and preparing proper documentation of said incident. This program is devised to further increase awareness and to remind our drivers that safe operations require diligence, dedication and reinforcement on a consistent basis. 

Vehicle Safety Programs:

Besides the technological advancements added to our transit vehicles for our riders’ safety.  Global Paratransit has outfitted our vehicles with decals.  Theses decals are intended to warn other drivers that GPI vehicles stop, or are prone to frequent stops to accommodate our passengers.

As one of the core values Global Paratransit enlists in our operations, the Employee Safety Program we have put in practice is part of what ensures that all of our team member practice daily safety habits to assure the constant protection of our riders.

While we are proud of our current efforts of our safety programs, we also focus on improving them. Reinforcing these safety procedures through our managers’ help, we achieve the results our entire team consciously commits, to practicing our processes and decisions on a daily basis.