About Us

Vision & Goal

Our Vision Statement

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt American United Nations Diplomat, Humanitarian and First Lady (1933-45),

At the start of our operations, Global Paratransit has vowed to provide our community, a service that encompasses the freedom of mobility and the comfort of knowing safety. It is our belief that the future will be better, because we shall make it so.

Our Vision:  To provide our riders with the best transit services while operating with the core value of cultivating lifelong relationships with our riders and partners.  It is our hope to help more people in our community and reaching out, to provide others the resources necessary for them to build self-sufficient, prosperous, and happier lives.

Our Goals for the Future

At Global Paratransit, our objective is to take our daily transit and customer service practices, share and expand our relationships to communities in other cities and counties across the state. Our aim is to increase our services beyond traditional transit and amplify our functions to adapt to the needs of our growing community.

We to someday better serve our communities with other services of mobility such as:

  • A wider range of geographical mobility
  • Ambulance Transport
  • Non-Emergency Medical transport
  • Taxi Services

Our goal is to launch these options in hopes to fulfil the needs of our clients, partners and riders, by offering them the kind of service that is required by them, at any given time. Your concerns in building a system that effortlessly transports people where they need or want to be will be our first priority.

We shall employ a reliable and trustworthy transportation system that will heighten the lives of people in our community. We will cultivate a relationship of trust and safety that our community has come to expect from us, and extend the same level of service reliance to other communities outside of LA County.

Global Paratransit will lead the way in service quality, the creation of innovative systems and service programs.  It is our long-term vision to serve our community as best as we can in providing safe, comfortable and trustworthy transportation solutions to those who need them.