Our Philosophy

As instigators of modern transit solutions, we believe the future will be better because we shall help make it so.

Over decades, we’ve optimized our services to manage with overall population growth, increasing transportation needs for the aging, and the rising costs of energy.

We continue to see higher demands for passenger transportation in Southern California, with local governments and agencies seeking greater cost-efficiency to run these services. At the same time, customers expect and deserve a higher quality experience in a world constantly evolving with new technology.

How we respond to new challenges and opportunities will define our place in the transportation industry, and will determine how communities will be impacted by our philosophy.

It is our mission and long-term vision to provide safe, convenient and affordable transportation solutions to our clients and passengers, and to elevate the options of mobility in our communities.

We work passionately with local agencies and industrial partners to achieve common goals of cultivating advancement for customer oriented, cost-efficient transit solutions that benefit all of us. Our team makes this possible through hard earned experience, a creative outlook, and a shared focus.

Our Core Values

Safety First

Safety is our highest priority. and employees receive continuous and specialized training to ensure that they are well-prepared for their jobs and can provide quality service in every department. See more on our company’s safety culture.

Stronger Together

Our greatest strength is our people. We support each other through frequent and open communication, creating a diverse and inclusive company culture, promoting from within, and recognizing how each one of us contributes to Global Paratransit’s growing success. We work closely together to maximize our potential in every department and ensure the best possible outcomes.


We believe strong collaboration and partnerships can help everyone prosper. Together we succeed in connecting people and communities, enabling access to more opportunity, employing more local professionals and helping create jobs to support a stronger local economy.

Client Satisfaction

Making our passengers feel comfortable and appreciated is part of who we are. We value client feedback, and as your partner we handle all the details to make sure every passenger we transport is always satisfied with the service they receive.

Promises Kept

Our integrity is proven through every promise we deliver on. We've perfected the process of a consistent, top quality performance validated through detailed reports and monitoring of key performance indicators. Everyone at GPI is driven to sustain the standards of excellence that our clients, partners and county authorities have come to expect and confidently rely on.

Raise the Bar

We’re driven to tackle goals others make insufficient effort to achieve. With over 50 years of combined experience, we continually aim to be the best at what we do. This is why we’ve always held ourselves accountable with high standards, and are well known to go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

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Our Partners

Strong partnerships that help us bring the level of our service further.

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GPI Gives Back

We're committed to making a difference in our communities.