We partner with you to provide the ADA community with convenient transportation that increases their level of self-sufficiency and expands the scope of their mobility.

Global Paratransit has the privilege of providing high-quality, accessible transportation services to enable those with reduced mobility to effectively travel about their community.

We offer a variety of customized transit solutions that maximize compliance, quality and affordability for the functionally disabled in the region.

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Our transportation service extends to ADA eligible individuals whose abilities restrict them from using the bus or light rail services, for all or some of their trips. We provide transportation assistance for individuals needing rides to work, home, medical appointments, grocery stores and other essential locations.
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Safe & Sound With Us

Distinct expertise in paratransit safety is at the heart of our company history and service. The strict implementation of safety principles and procedures are instilled in not just written procedures, but practiced constantly in our day to day operations.

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We are honored to be considered one of Southern California's most trusted names in paratransit.

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