While many aspire to become the largest providers in the industry, our goal is only to be the best.

Global Paratransit specializes in a suite of transit services, bringing unrivaled expertise in safety, customer service and cost efficiency to meet your individual needs.

As your trusted partner, we’re with you every step of the way. We ensure the transition of your services and passengers is smooth and ultimately advantageous for them and your business.


Global Paratransit has the privilege of partnering with local agencies and city governments to provide high-quality, accessible transportation services for the ADA community in the southern region of Los Angeles.

Fixed Route

Global Paratransit has developed and operated fixed-route systems in cities and municipalities of all sizes and types across LA county’s southern region.

Call Center Operations

Global Paratransit has decades of experience in developing and facilitating transportation customer service programs. Our team has developed complex infrastructures capable of addressing and solving passenger issues, handling reservations, scheduling, and dispatching a while showing a high-level of commitment to accomplishing our clients’ goals.

Our on-time, on-budget program development and operational skills make us one of the most reliable and highly regarded service providers in the region.

Fleet Maintenance

Global Paratransit has a dedicated facility to manage and maintain the performance of its diverse vehicles and equipment with industry leading expertise. Our fleet maintenance department offers proven experience and cost-efficient solutions in maximizing vehicle availability, safety, reliability, and cleanliness through timely preventative and predictive programs.

Employing only highly trained and skilled technicians, we’ve acquired the knowledge of working in environments that experience extreme operating demands, and which require constant optimization of fleet assets.

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Safe & Sound With Us

Distinct expertise in paratransit safety is at the heart of our company history and service. The strict implementation of safety principles and procedures are instilled in not just written procedures, but practiced constantly in our day to day operations.

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